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Visiting the Convent of las Capuchinas

May 9, 2017

Our trip to Antigua was quite unexpected, which is the kind of trip I love!! One night I was checking flight specials online and found a very good promo rate to Guatemala. Next morning after a quick talk we decided to “go for it” and ended up buying the tickets just two weeks in advance.

Antigua has so much places to visit, it’s full with churches, ruins, museums, colorful walls and great places to eat local food, lots of them! Not to mention the people, always so warm and helpful. Our first stop was the Convent of las Capuchinas, an extraordinary place to visit as the architecture is beautifully conserved, I loved that the place was not crowded at all, so we had plenty of time and space to enjoy the visit. (Just a side tip: if you plan to make a trip to Antigua and want to avoid crowds, first check the low season dates and try to make your stay through the weekdays Mon-Fri, because it can get crowded on weekends)

Not only local people, but also tourists can be incredibly thoughtful and friendly. Thank God for the sweet people who thoughtfully asked us if we wanted to have a picture of the three of us!! I LOVE this pic so much! Even with Olivia whining because of the hot weather 🙂 the image totally speaks for itself! 

Same day we went to have lunch at Los Tres Tiempos Restaurant (a must in Antigua), located right in one of the most iconic streets at Calle del Arco. Such a lovely place to eat, there you’ll find local food with a luxury guatemalan environment.

I loved the fact that every restaurant and hotel in Antigua had its own patio. Everything is floral, green and fresh, if it’s sunny you feel the breeze and if it’s raining you’ll surely enjoy the sound of the rain, it’s always a pleaseant experience.

Tacos, corn, tortillas and guamacole… Ah! Can’t wait to go back.

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