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A ride, mojitos and live music in Old Havana

May 29, 2017

The first thing we did on our second day in Cuba was to take an hour city-tour in a vintage 50’s Buick car model. It was an amazing experience not only to visit some historic spots in Havana but doing it so in the back seat of a classic car, and we were really lucky to get a super friendly driver who made the city tour absolutely pleasant. From our experience, I can say Cuban people are really nice, they were always looking to make us feel like a friend. We kindly asked our driver to take us a few photos while making a quick stop and to tell you the truth, his photography skills were quite impressive! (he actually said he didn’t know anything about cameras, however he did a great job!)

We went to the Christ of Havana and to the Morro Castle, where we stopped to have some drinks (…mojitos included!). We truly got some spectacular views of the city and the coastline, and the best thing is that it wasn’t crowded at all.

Views of Havana from the Christ. I can’t say enough about how this city stole my heart and how much I’m dreaming about going back. (See you soon, Havana!)

We We had lunch at 304 O’Reilly, and interesting place with a mix of Cuban and American vibes, so instead of cuban food and live music, we got international plates and electro/pop music in a small but comfortable space with A/C (which was gold for us! The heat was becoming a thing after 5 hours under the Havana sun). Their mojitos were amazing, originally flavored with different fruit options, full glass size and delicious!! We both picked a peruvian ceviche with a watermelon Mojito (probably not my best choice, because of the alcohol! – It took me 10 minutes to get in a sleepy / lazy mode for the next hour), no regrets, though! Not entirely a local option from my perspective, but still a great place to hang out, get refreshed and taste new flavors 🙂

Later on, we walked by the Obispo Street and suddenly started to hear some music in the far background, a few steps later we had these fantastic  musicians in front of us, and I have to say that I didn’t have enough live music on the street, I would get so excited every time a band started playing.

One of the best ways to get to know the culture is by seeing the Cuban people playing music and singing on the streets. It was one of my favorite things in Havana. I’m definitively treasuring these memories in my heart.

 Since we are both always on the look for sweets, we stopped by a famous bakery among locals on Obispo Street called “Panadería San Jose” to have some Cuban sweets. It probably doesn’t show in the pictures but the line was huge! We tried the Pionono and the Marquesina, both made with guava marmalade (a typical fruit from Cuba) which they use in tons of local dishes.

Then we walked toward the Capitol, passing by the famous “Floridita” restaurant bar, also known as the cradle of the Daiquiri. We took pictures of every little detail on our way. Should I say more? Going back in time was an unforgettable experience!

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