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Olivia’s Montessori style room

April 24, 2017

Going out for vacations can be the most wonderful and exciting feeling ever, but also coming back to your place is always a charming experience, at least for me! It’s almost like being away from home makes me feel more in loved with our little apartment and I think Olivia has the same feeling about her room, she truly misses her little toy corner, books and her floor bed. One can see the sparkle in her eyes when she comes back to her.

In a previous post  I shared Olivia’s nursery when she was just crawling, at that time she was getting better with her skills and we knew we wanted a Montessori room with a floor bed for her to be more independent and free in her own safe space. As soon as we noticed she mastered the first crawling skills, going up and down from stairs and floor levels, we decided to go ahead and turn the room into a Montessori style.

So, I began with the research, and looked online for tips on how to achieve a Montessori style home. After going through tons of sources and putting everything together I found The Montessori Notebook, a website with lots of tools for parents to prepare a Montessori space at home, so I dig in the e-course “Setting Up Your Home Montessori-Style” and the changes started. I’d call this chapter of my life “less is more“.

I felt so proud of being able to get rid of lots of toys that could be useful for other kids and at the same time, getting the space clean and tidy as possible.

This is probably not a 100% Montessori room, not as the theory says it should be, but I like to be flexible and go with the most important principles of the Montessori philosophy, which from my perspective are: encouraging independence and keeping things pretty simple and accessible to babies/kids.

The floor bed was a lifesaver for us since Olivia was becoming uncomfortable in her crib. Now, having a free space where she can roll wherever she wants, makes her happier at bedtime and in the mornings.

The room is more colorful than what the Montessori style suggest, but I just can’t help it. Kids are colorful to me and I love the way it looks!

We try to keep 6-7 activities/toys for an easy reach on the shelves of the former diaper changer, and keep them fresh by rotating the toys every week. The same thought with books, we just leave those that are interesting to her at this stage and being just 5-6 books, with an easy access.

After visually cleaning her space she started concentrating more when playing, she focuses more on the few toys available. Less (toy) options, less distractions.

The top shelve of the former diaper changer is a spot I haven’t been able to figure out. Sometimes it’s clean, sometimes messy because I haven’t assigned any specific purpose to it, any suggestions?

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  • Simone

    Hi Roselyn, So lovely to see the changes you have made to Olivia’s room. It looks so fun, simple but inviting. I wish I could move in!

    May 30, 2017 at 1:50 pm Reply
    • Rose

      Thanks so much Simone, impossible to do without all your guidelines, she loves it and we enjoy the time together on this new space <3! You are very welcome!

      May 30, 2017 at 2:24 pm Reply
  • Katie

    Hi! It’s a lovely room! May I ask where you got her bed frame?

    May 31, 2017 at 4:36 pm Reply
    • Rose

      Thanks so much Katie, it’s a custom design from a local carpenter. However you can find a similar here and here

      June 1, 2017 at 2:35 am Reply

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