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Olivia’s favorite books

May 23, 2017

Since Olivia was inside the belly we wanted her to have a special book collection because we love books and wanted her to enjoy them as well. We’ve been working on turning reading into a habit and we can already tell she adores her books. As she’s growing up, her book taste has evolved on different topics and interests as well, that’swhy we try to keep a good variety of books available for her and always looking to add more to the collection, from animals to baby stories, new vocabulary, places, colors, and more. And as kids get attached to their favorite things there are a few that never disappoint her.

So we’re excited to share the Olivia’s Top Favorite Books list – 18-months old edition:

  1. Monster Faces: I love this one as it represents emotions and feelings which is an important topic at this stage of toddlers. It has actually helped us to describe her how does it look, feel and sound when you’re happy, sad, mad, grumpy, proud and many more. When going through the book I like to tell her that every emotion has a reason, and doing the mimic together for each emotion makes us laugh all the time.
  2. I love music: This book is a gem, we found it on recent a trip we did to San Francisco last January. As soon as I saw it in the bookstore I knew she would fall in love with it. It’s about instruments and each page has a little touch button to play a little song with each instrument. One of Olivia’s favorite because of the songs. Her favorite is the violin song… the tune is actually a little bit sad, so funny she loves that one.
  3. The Baby’s Catalogue: it was a hit from the beginning because it’s everything about babies and of course she feels related. It contains realistic drawings of babies doing things around the day like breakfast time, playtime, what moms and dads do, toys, bath time, bed time, and more. As she’s starting to speak she finds it so interesting to point out the drawings while mumbling a word to describe what she sees. Perfect to finish the bedtime routine.
  4. First Words: Or Primeras Palabras as the cover says, it’s a lovely book with pictures of basic vocabulary in English and Spanish. This was the first book she began to read saying “boy” and “girl” when looking at the pictures of the children in it. Right now, she has accomplished to describe about 90% of the book’s images which makes her feel so proud by the time she reaches the last page.
  5. Elmo says: Not sure if I mentioned it before but she is just in love with Elmo, so anything that has to do with him is a big bomb of excitement. Of course, this book isn’t the exception, plus it turns into a game as we mimic everything Elmo says to do, reading time with this one is really fun and dynamic.
  6. Tina plays hide and seek: This book was a gift from her grandma when Olivia was 5 months old, she loved it from the first day and still being a hit. It has tabs to discover hidden animals and she always smiles when reading it. I have the Spanish version but here you’ll find a similar version in English.
  7. Where’s Spot?: This is another gift! Her aunt gave this one and it has flaps to play looking for Spot and it’s just adorable, definitively a MUST.
  8. What a wonderful world: An illustrated book based on the classic song: “What a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong and besides making you actually think about the wonderful world we live in, the illustrations are lovely and interesting to describe for children.
  9. Dear Zoo: This one is a staple on the book shelve, a classic book that never fails with a cute and funny storyline and dynamic lift flaps in it. After reading this book for several months, we had to start making up different stories for each animal which turned out to be a totally new book for her!

Currently we are working on enlarging the collection with books for a 3-year-old stage. Do you have any suggestions for that particular age? What are your children’s favorites?

It makes me so happy to see how she relates herself with each scene on the Baby’s Catalogue book, she loves it!

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