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I love New York Free Printable

June 23, 2017

Every time we’re going to a new place, we love letting Olivia know we will be traveling far from home. We talk to her describing with little details what’s the new place like, and all the things we’ll do in order to get there. Right now, the way I do it is by simply talking to her about new things and abstract concepts for a child of her age, but after all, I know it’s important to create a relationship with her based on our communication about the things that will happen, and not only it’s fun for us all to have this little chitchat everytime we’re going for a new adventure, but I also think it empowers then because they are creating visual thoughts based on what you are telling them.

Now, to be honest, I did not prepare her enough for the Big City. Well! I wasn’t ready myself for it either. So, for future trips, I’m planning to show her more visual examples like pictures, drawings or videos, so she knows what to expect, at least a little!

I draw this New York printable for her to color it after visiting New York ( I couldn’t resist and had to color one myself!). Now that we can look back and see all our pictures and video footage from NYC with Olivia, I can tell her that the place in the drawing is from our recent trip.

This coloring page is actually an activity for all ages. Olivia, with nineteen months, always surprises me when interpreting shapes and drawings. Children are all about imagination, which is always beautifully impressive. So, in case you have visited New York, or might be planning a trip ahead with your little ones, feel free to download this printable here. Print it and have fun!  (Quick tip: you can also add it to your airplane playing kit!)

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