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Hello from Antigua Guatemala!

May 5, 2017

We are in Antigua! and these pictures hardly show all the colors this magical place has to offer.

Here are a few images we took the afternoon we arrived. It just so happens that our Hotel is right by the main entrance to Antigua Guatemala. As soon as we got here, we immediately felt the magic in this town, everything is colorful and mystical at the same time, like walking into a painting. I’m already guessing you will see lots of pictures of walls, streets and doors in the upcoming posts, it’s simply inevitable to stop every few steps to take pictures as everything is like a postal scene.

We were advised that we wouldn’t be able to use the baby stroller around the old city because the roads  are so bumpy, and the sidewalks are not even. However, we left the baby carrier at home on the last minute and realized it right on the airport. But no problem at all! We just have to walk around the city with a toddler that doesn’t want to be held and doesn’t want to walk either, so you can imagine, this will be our whole dynamic in the upcoming days… the true is that looking at the bright side, I think it’s actually making us enjoy the scenery in a new way. We’re enjoying taking things slowly and laying back with this girl, seating on the streets just because and blending with the city.  🙂

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