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Getting lost in beautiful Costa Rica

July 7, 2017

Happy Summer everyone! I think, this is the most wonderful time of the year for me!

Here in Costa Rica, it’s actually the rainy season; however, July always brings a little Summer that gives us around 2 or 3 random weeks free of rain, and getting outside the home to explore when having kids is always priceless and very welcome!

Another reason to be celebrating during July is that, it’s my birthday month! So last week, Richard surprised me with two exciting announcements. First, we were going to the beach to celebrate my birthday in advance, and the second was, that instead of driving for 4.5 hours to the coast, we were going there flying! How exciting is that!! It was a big deal for me; I love surprises and surprises that include experiences are my favorites! Probably one of my favorite birthday celebrations ever!

So, by Thursday 5am, we were heading to the Tobías Bolaños International Airport, although it’s mostly used for domestic flights and small airplanes. My husband had arranged everything with a local airline called NatureAir, and an hour later we were boarding a small 15-passenger aircraft heading to Tamarindo, Guanacaste. Couldn’t feel more grateful enjoying the fantastic weather, with sand in our feet, and a big smile on our faces. I had a smile in my heart when thinking that Richard took the time to arrange all this as a surprise for my upcoming birthday, I felt so special and loved! Isn’t so sweet when your loved one thinks about your favorite things in the world?

Couldn’t feel more grateful enjoying the fantastic weather, with the sand under our feet, and with big smiles on our faces. I had my biggest smile in my heart, just thinking that Richard took the time to arrange all of this as a surprise for my upcoming birthday. I felt so special and loved! Isn’t it sweet when your loved one thinks about your favorite things in the world?

This trip was all about relaxation and family time, so we immediately unplugged ourselves a little bit the minute we arrived, and just tried to live in the moment enjoying our company.

So our primary routine was exactly this: wake up, eat, ocean, pool, sleep and repeat. Can we ask for more? A fun fact was that we were early birds during the entire stay, haha! Not because of our baby Olivia, but thanks to the howler monkeys that came around 5 am each day, making noise near our bungalow until we opened our curtains. Let’s say we had a nature-theme alarm, haha! But the bright side was seeing the sunrise and having more time to explore this paradise.

Fish tacos, french fries, and chifrijo! Plus natural fruit smoothies right on the beach… aah!

These two were really attached while on the beach. Olivia was having a hard time getting used to the sand, not a new feeling but definitely not her favorite, which at the beginning it made our first visits to the beach a little bit uncomfortable. Richard was so patient with her (and especially with me!) so that she felt secured enough to slowly get her little toes into the sand. Luckily, we stumbled upon a family with little kids who were playing in the sand, and that helped us with Olivia making her feel a little more confident and encouraged to play in the sand as well. Later on, she was playing like if she’d been born on the beach, splashing everywhere, giggling and making us so proud of her progress!

A big lesson learned for me here, kids always respond to love and patience. It may take time, but love is always the way <3

We found this little natural pool, which became our favorite place to be on the beach! Olivia just loved it, we played there for hours <3

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