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Eataly and Coney Island

June 17, 2017

Ok, so this probably is going to be a Coney Island pics letdown because it’s not entirely about Coney Island, haha! The thing is that last Saturday we went to Coney Island for a family photo shoot with the amazing photographer Mandalyn Rael (which, btw, I’m soo excited about), so we put away our camera for the afternoon taking full advantage of the session just to enjoy it and be present. So, after a quick snack and fruit breakfast in our hotel room, our day started at theEataly by the Flatiron District that morning, by the time we got there we realized it was almost 11:30 a.m so we decided to skip the brunch plan and go directly for an early lunch. Wait! I’m starting to feel like most of our posts begin with a meal. I have to admit we are crazy about food every time we travel so we can’t help to take pictures and share with you our food choices when traveling…

On a light note, does anyone else goes for a brunch when traveling with kids instead of breakfast + lunch? I’m thinking this can be a practical routine when traveling, it’s a little bit easier for all just to seat in a restaurant once during the morning and early afternoon… or having one time on the go, like eating pizza at a park, eating a hot-dog, or just doing a quick breakfast in the room of the hotel and then adding a formal meal time. I’m always looking for the healthiest meal options for Olivia while traveling, but at the same time, I don’t like to spend tons of hours seated in a restaurant when you can be out there exploring new places (Just an adventurous mom thought!). I’m trying to find simple and balanced ways to deal with it…

Anyways, we always look for ways to enjoy our time at the table, talking and connecting as a family, enjoying the new surroundings and, to be honest Olivia does pretty good at restaurants, mostly because she’s always staring at other tables like trying to pick what’s going on outside her table and of course, people notice there’s a little 18-month old toddler just staring at them which makes it pretty cute, so we always have fun. This time at Eataly it wasn’t the exception, we actually met some really friendly people seating right next to us because of Olivia! We ate pasta, not the traditional pasta flavor, this one was quite special, you could definitely taste Italy!

Eataly is always so charming to me, it has several restaurant options inside, but it’s also a marketplace and bakery. It even sells kitchen products and books. One of our favorites is their sweets counter or as they call it Eataly’s Pasticceria <3


Always looking for a sweet!

Later on, we went to meet with our lovely photographer in Coney Island and spent the whole afternoon there. It was a long metro trip of about an hour but it was absolutely worth it, by the end of the ride it’s pretty much just you riding the metro, watching the lovely sightseeings of Brooklyn as you’re getting closer to the coast.

Of course, we got disconnected from the camera and didn’t take to much pictures for the rest of the day. We took a couple of rides with Olivia on a little train during our photo session, ate the classic Nathan’s Famous hot dogs on the boardwalk, and finished the day playing at the beach.

I’m really looking forward to seeing our pictures from the photo session (post coming soon!). If you’re around the New York area and you’re looking for a great photographer Mandalyn Rael is the best! She made us feel truly comfortable, just like taking pictures with a friend.

Wearing this sunglasses, top, jeans, and sneakers.

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