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An afternoon at Coney Island

June 22, 2017

And to close our New York series, here’s a post about Coney Island! I’ve to start by saying that these photos wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing photographer Mandalyn Rael.

We knew we wanted to have a family photo shoot done while visiting New York, and we were lucky enough to find Mandalyn, who caught us immediately with her talent and natural picture style. It was such a lovely day on this fantastic and colorful spot, suggested by Mandalyn.

What got me most exciting was that we were having professional photos taken of the 3 of us, which is a little bit tricky on a typical day while traveling.

We took the metro from Manhattan, on an hour train ride. Breakdance performers, a bunny pet next to our seat row and some sweet ladies playing with Olivia were part of the journey on our way to Coney Island.

We meet with Mandalyn at Nathan’s Famous hot dogs, and that’s where the fun began. As you will see, Coney Island is full of entertainment, food, loud music, colors all around and if that wasn’t enough, there’s even the Coney Island Beach & Boardwalk!

I cannot explain how happy I am from seeing these pictures!

Olivia was really excited, but also a little bit overwhelmed with this place. It was fun to see how she was enjoying herself with all the things happening around her; the bright colors, wheels, kids running, rides of all types and carousels (this last, not her favorite thing, haha!). At first, we tried taking a ride on the balloons, but she got scared when we were taking a seat, so we had to get out (makes me laugh, now), great thing we were able to capture this moment. Later on, we tried the train ride, which she loved soo much, that she didn’t want to get out and by the end of the second loop, she was now crying! Oh, my baby! <3

And of course, we couldn’t miss a Nathan’s Famous hot dog while in Coney Island. The perfect lunch and way to close our photo session! I’m just glad Mandalyn suggested this.

This crazy family of mine <3

Thank you, Mandalyn!

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